What problems do dentures help address?

Missing teeth are no longer a problem, thanks to dentures. These prosthetics replace entire sets of teeth making eating and speaking easier. Dentures also support the face muscles and prevent them from sagging. Dentures can be placed in the mouth and removed as and when required. Those who wear dentures are required to take them out before going to bed or taking a nap.

At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, we custom-make dentures to fit your mouth perfectly. When you come in for a visit, we will first give you a thorough oral examination to check if you are a good candidate for dentures. If your gums and bone structure can support the fixture, we will proceed to make one for you.

How are

dentures made?

Depending on whether you have lost all your teeth or still have a few good teeth at the back of your mouth, we will make a full or partial denture for you. A full denture replaces all your teeth and extends from one end of your jaw to another. A partial denture extends till your good teeth and then fixes on to those teeth.

To make your denture, we will first take an impression of your gums and also take a few measurements to ensure that we get all the placements correct. A wax model is then made using the gum impressions and the synthetic teeth are fitted into it.

You will need to try on the wax model to check the fit. We will make all the adjustments required to make sure that the denture fits perfectly and comfortably. Once we are satisfied with the fit of the wax denture, we will set the teeth in a more permanent frame. The frame is made of plastic which matches the colour of your gum. The denture for the upper jaw has a base that extends over your whole palate. The lower jaw denture is shaped to allow space for your tongue.

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Taking care of dentures

You will find that dentures will greatly improve your ability to eat and talk. They will take some getting used to at first but within a few months, they will start to feel comfortable. Once your dentures have been fitted, you will need to take care of them just like your natural teeth.

Gentle brushing and rinsing of your mouth will remove food particles that are stuck in your dentures. When your dentures are not being worn, they will need to be kept in a glass of water and should never be allowed to dry out. Please contact us if you have any problem with your dentures or need some adjustments to be made.

Devon Neighbourhood Dental

Devon Neighbourhood Dental is a newly renovated dental practice right in the heart of town. Dr. Laheeb Quddusi has grown up in Devon and lived here for over twenty years. At our friendly neighbourhood office, we make custom dentures using the most advanced techniques and with the greatest of care. We also offer a wide range of other dental services and are always happy to serve. Contact us to book an appointment for any of your dental needs.