What are dental implants?

Dental implants are common treatments for missing teeth, which as the name suggests, is an implanted artificial tooth to fill a gap. A dental implant is made of two parts: the root portion of the implant and the chewing portion of an implant called a crown. The root portion is implanted first, and it’s allowed to heal and integrate with the body. Once the implant fully fuses with the bone, which takes approximately 3-4 months, the implant can be loaded with a crown. The crown is fixed into the implant using a connecting screw.

Porcelain, zirconia, gold, titanium or a combination of two or more such materials can be used. A dental implant can be fixed together to another implant to cover a wide gap or as single tooth replacement. In some scenarios, there is insufficient bone or healthy gum tissue to support an implant, and a bridge or denture is better suited.  At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, Dr. Laheeb Quddusi and Dr. Jainil Doshi will present all treatment options for you depending on the condition of your teeth.

Who is a good candidate

for a dental implant?

You may be a good candidate for dental implant if:

  • you need to replace a tooth that is fractured
  • you need to be able to floss between your teeth
  • you need to chew without the worry of loose dentures
  • you need to reduce the risk of tooth decay on the adjacent teeth
  • you need to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting
  • you have good gum health
  • you are not a smoker or have quit smoking for at least 12 months
  • you have adequate bone density to ensure your implants are secured, or you have the ability to acquire bone graft(s)

How much do dental implants cost?

This can be very confusing and misleading to Alberta patients. So we’ve simplified the fee structure for transparency.

Our clinic is competitively priced at $3600-$3800 for single unit implants, and it includes all of the following:

  1. The assessment of the implant site
  2. Any necessary photos, radiographs or xrays, including a 3D CBCT xray
  3. Interpretation of x-rays
  4. 3D computer guided implant planning
  5. Surgical guide fabrication
  6. All implant components including the implant crown, healing abutments and cover screws
  7. The implant surgery and the post-surgery visit
  8. The lab fee
    • We will include the cost of custom abutments when necessary. Custom abutments can be more favorable for implant longevity.
    • We include the cost of lab fees for titanium bases, zirconia or porcelain crowns, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Requests for full gold or full metal crowns have additional fees based on the current cost of gold. We typically recommend a custom titanium base with a full contoured zirconia crown for optimal esthetics and strength
  • If bone grafting is required, then budget for an additional $300-$500
  • If gum grafting is required, we refer to a specialist who set their own fees
    • we prefer take accept cases that require no gum grafting and little to no bone grafting.

Some websites advertise $1000-2500 per implant – which may be misleading.  It may not be including the cost of radiographs, the implant crown, lab fees, surgical guides, post-operative visits etc… Our fee structure is capped between $3600-$3800 so that there are no surprises at the time of payment. Please consult with Dr. Laheeb Quddusi for an accurate assessment of your specific treatment needs.

If an implant bridge is requested (multiple teeth being replaced with 2 abutments), the lab fee will be higher to cover the cost of the middle pontic(s). A pontic is the artificial tooth that sits between two implants.

Does your clinic offer

discounts for implants?

  • Patients can choose from one of the below where applicable
    • When multiple implants are placed in a single surgery visit, we will apply a 5% discount from the professional fee (not the lab’s fee)
    • 5% discount on the professional fee for seniors over 65 years
    • A 5% discount when pre-paying the treatment in full