What is internal bleaching?

At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, Dr. Laheeb Quddusi specializes in the internal bleaching procedure and has helped numerous patients achieve brighter and cleaner-looking teeth. The internal bleaching process is typically used for patients who have undergone a root canal or endodontic treatment.

In internal bleaching, Dr. Quddusi treats the pulp or removes the pulp’s nerve tissue and infection. The procedure usually causes the colour of the tooth to change because an oxidizing compound is inserted into the pulp. This is done with the help of a tiny drilled incision made in the tooth’s pulp chamber.

What does the

procedure consist of?

Internal bleaching is done over a couple of sessions, usually ranging from two to five. Dr. Quddusi begins the procedure by cleaning the insides of your tooth/teeth scraping off the decay. He then places the bleach inside your tooth/teeth. After the bleach settles into the tooth/teeth, they will be exposed to a special beam of light for approximately 45 minutes.

Internal bleaching may be recommended in cases when the change in colour happens in the tooth’s pulp and it is difficult to clean the stains externally.

Getting your brightest smile at Devon Neighbourhood Dental

Dr. Quddusi explains that the effects of an internal bleaching procedure are the same as external bleaching. The only difference is that the gel is applied to the inside area of your tooth. He may suggest performing the procedure independently or in conjunction with other external teeth whitening procedures. An initial consultation allows him to get a proper idea about your mouth’s condition and he can recommend the suitable treatment options.

There are cases when internal bleaching isn’t the ideal solution for teeth restoration and brightening. For instance, if you have cavities, severe dentine loss, enamel deformation, surface stains or changed colour due to composites, the internal bleaching procedure might not be suitable for you.

To find out more about internal bleaching or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Quddusi, contact Devon Neighbourhood Dental today.