Traditional dental fillings

Traditional dental fillings are made from silver amalgam which is a mixture of silver and mercury. There are several drawbacks to these fillings, the two main ones being they do not match the colour of teeth and are very visible, and that there is a danger of toxicity. Metal fillings are also not bonded to the tooth, so there is always a possibility of a gap forming between the filling and the tooth. Tooth decay can occur in this gap and can go unnoticed for a long time.

What alternative is

there to metal fillings?

More recently, metal-free fillings made from composite resins are being used to treat cavities. These metal-free fillings are made by mixing glass or quartz into a resin base. The composite resin can be made to match the colour of the tooth and is not noticeable once it is in place. There is no danger of toxic metals leaching from composite resins and they are also very durable.

What does the procedure involve?

Composite resin fillings are used to fill cavities. At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, we will first give you an oral examination and check for cavities in your teeth. Any cavities that are found will first be thoroughly cleaned out to get rid of the bacteria and prevent further infection. Next, the composite resin will be fitted into the cavity and the resin will be chemically bonded to your tooth. The bonding prevents any gaps from forming between the filling and the tooth. The resin can be shaped so that it fits comfortably with the opposing tooth. The result is fully restored teeth which match the other teeth perfectly.

Devon Neighbourhood Dental

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