Over the counter mouthguards

Mouthguards are used to protect the teeth, lips and gums from injuries. There are different types of mouthguards which can be used for different purposes. Sports mouthguards are worn during high impact sports while night mouthguards are used while sleeping to protect teeth from nighttime teeth grinding. These types of mouthguards are available over-the-counter or can be custom made. Both sports and night mouthguards are available in two types- stock mouthguards and boil and bite mouthguards. Stock mouthguards are already pre-made and can be worn as soon as they have been bought. These mouthguards are a standard size and don’t always fit the jaw well.

They could be too large or too small and in many cases, uncomfortable to wear. There is also always the danger of an ill-fitting mouthguard either falling out of the mouth or shifting around. The second type of over-the-counter mouthguards is the boil and bite type. These types are not completely ready when bought. The frames need to be boiled so that they soften a bit and then placed in the mouth and bitten down on. The mouldable guards take the shape of the teeth and harden to fit the wearer’s jaw. While boil and bite mouthguards do fit better than stock mouthguards, their fit is restricted by the size of the pre-made frames.

Custom mouthguards

and their benefits

Sports mouthguards and night mouthguards can also be custom made for a perfect fit. At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, we custom make sports mouthguards and night mouthguards for our patients.

Sports mouthguards: Sports mouthguards are used in sports like boxing, hockey, football and lacrosse. Because this type of mouthguard is used to protect teeth and gums from heavy impact, they need to be able to withstand high pressure. Sportsguards are made of a rubber-like copolymer that is shock absorbent. The guards are made to fit over the teeth and gum or the upper jaw.

When you visit the dentist, we will take an impression of your teeth from which a model of your teeth will be made. The sportsguards will be moulded over the model so that it fits your upper jaw perfectly. The material used in sports mouthguards protects teeth from getting chipped or broken in the event of a hard blow to the mouth. The full process from the first visit to when your sports mouthguard is ready could take up to a week.

It is recommended that athletes change their sports mouthguards every six months and that teenage athletes have new sports mouthguards fitted more often because their jaws are still developing and changing.

Night mouthguards

When you first come in for a visit for a night guard, we will give you an oral examination to determine whether or not you require one. If you suffer from teeth grinding in your sleep, a condition also known as bruxism, we will be able to tell by examining the condition of your teeth. If you require a night mouthguard, we will first need to take an impression of your teeth.

Just as in sportsguards, the teeth impression will be used to create a model of your upper teeth over which we shape the mouthguard. Our night guards are made from a strong but thin acrylic material which fit perfectly over the teeth without causing any discomfort. The strength and durability of the material ensure that your teeth are protected and the guard lasts a long time.

The night guard could take up to a week to be ready and we will call you in for a fitting when it is done. When you try on the guard, you can tell us if you are comfortable or if you need any adjustments. Night mouthguards are usually only made for the upper teeth unless for some reason you require one for your lower teeth as well.

Devon Neighbourhood Dental

At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, Dr. Laheeb Quddusi is an expert in custom-made night guards and sportsguards. Dr. Quddusi, a Devon local for over twenty years is an extremely skilled dentist with many years of experience. From thoroughly assessing your condition to answering all your questions, he will give you all the time you need.

Our newly renovated office is conveniently situated in the heart of town and has all the latest equipment and most advanced technology. We guarantee you only the highest quality care and service. Contact us for an appointment if you require a sports or night mouthguard or for any other dental needs.