How to get perfect teeth

A smile has always been touted as a person’s most valuable asset. That very first smile could be the deciding factor on how the other person views you and how they will respond to you. A great set of teeth makes for an attractive smile and is something many of us hope to have. With modern dentistry, you too can have great teeth and the radiant smile that comes with them.

At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, Dr. Laheeb Quddusi can transform teeth of any shape and colour into even, white smile enhancers. When you come in for a smile makeover, you will first receive a full oral examination to assess the condition of your teeth and the work that would be required.

Our procedures to improve the aesthetics of a smile include:

Teeth whitening: Brown, yellow or stained teeth can ruin a smile. Tooth discolouration and staining are seen as an indicator of bad oral hygiene even if caused by medication or illness. Teeth whitening can remove stains and lighten the colour of teeth to make them look whiter and cleaner.

Veneers and crowns: Chipped, broken, uneven and worn down teeth can all affect a smile. Adding veneers and crowns to teeth can cover these imperfections and make teeth look even and neat.

Clear aligners: Teeth that are crooked, crowded together or spaced too far apart make a smile untidy. With our clear and removable aligner treatment, we can straighten your teeth and align them correctly. Having all your teeth neatly lined up in a row will give you the confidence to smile more often.

Tooth decay treatment: Decaying teeth are not the most pleasant addition to a smile. At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, we treat decaying teeth and fill cavities to give you healthy, naturally coloured teeth.

Devon Neighbourhood Dental

With the various treatments we offer at Devon Neighbourhood Dental, you will be sure to have a smile that dazzles anyone who sees it. We are situated in the heart of town and are easy to locate; contact us for an appointment if you are looking for the perfect smile.