What causes tooth discolouration?

Many people face the problem of white, yellow or brown stains appearing on their teeth for various reasons. It could be a result of decalcification, which causes white spots to appear or excess of fluoride during the years of tooth formation – a condition known as fluorosis.

This can result in the formation of brown stains within the tooth enamel. Other reasons for stains and discoloration on teeth include smoking, medications, braces, accident or tooth decay.

Other treatment options

for tooth discolouration.

While for some people, teeth whitening can be a one-stop solution for discoloured teeth, people with such stains may find that even whitening does not remove their stains. At most, they may only lighten, but will not be completely removed. In such cases, microabrasion is the perfect solution.

What does the procedure involve?

At Devon Neighbourhood Dental, Dr. Laheed Quddusi can provide this solution to patients with discoloured teeth. Microabrasion is a process of repairing discoloured teeth using a mixture of pumice, which is an abrasive agent, and hydrochloric acid. Dr. Quddusi will rub this mixture on the surface of the discoloured tooth until the discolouration is removed from the external enamel layer. The result is a clean and smooth, perfectly white tooth or teeth.

Microabrasion is quick, painless and minimally invasive. Before the procedure starts, the tooth or teeth to be treated is isolated from the surrounding gums and adjacent teeth using a rubber dam. This serves as a protection from the mixture when it is applied on the discoloured tooth/teeth. Once the procedure is finished, Dr. Quddusi will rinse your teeth thoroughly to remove any trace of the mixture. The colour of the tooth/teeth is then evaluated. If not satisfied, the procedure is repeated again until the desired colour is achieved.

Devon Neighbourhood Dental

Usually, the process of microabrasion lasts no more than one hour, and the result is permanent, making it the perfect solution for discoloured teeth. If you are looking to address your smile and have brighter teeth, schedule a consultation at Devon Neighbourhood Dental today.